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I need a nice cuppa when I start working on a project. Luckily, having worked as a runner in post production and then as a set runner - and later on assistant director - over the years I've honed my tea making skills to perfection.. The best part about this (other than the tea) is that I've an excessive working wealth of knowledge when it comes to the making of a short film, promo or commercial - giving you the nice advantage of working with a storyboard artist who knows the ins and outs of the industry.

I believe variety is the spice of life (I also like a nice cup of chai..) and really enjoy getting involved with projects other than storyboards - be it portraits, illustrations (books, promo materials, invitations), murals - anything that gets my creative juices flowing! Please drop me a line if you think you could use my skills (examples can be found here).

For storyboards and most illustration I work digitally using a graphics pad and laptop for extra speed and flexibility, but I also love to use more traditional mediums and methods when the project calls for them.


To discuss a project/rates/or if you have any questions for me - get in touch by emailing



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